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Yes, we're fans of Star Wars. We collect these bobblehead series made by FUNCO to have in our home. These are NOT toys that our daughters are allowed to play with. These belong to Daddy, and the girls know it.

After Scott and I got married, we were sitting in our Pacific Beach apartment bouncing baby names back and forth. Scott blurted out, "What about 'Jedi'?" And immediately I said, "YES!" Our first born would be named Jedi regardless of their gender.

Two years later our daughter Jedi was born and everyone finally found out our secret baby name. There were mixed reactions from older generatons, but overwhelming approval from our peers. And now, the most common response after meeting Jedi is, "That is the coolest name, ever!."

Needless to say, we're looking forward to J.J. Abrahms's directorial interpretation of the next Star Wars installation.