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I have been journaling ever since I was 13 years old. Several years ago I read through some of those early entries and got a good laugh at my younger self.

It was fun to relive some of those moments I had buried deep in my memory bank. But journaling, at that time, was more about releasing emotions on paper, than recording history to reference in the future.

Now, I journal for a different reason. When I became pregnant with our first daughter, Jedi, I decided to write her letters as a way to communicate my experience as a mother and record her growth. I write about milestones, sweet moments, tantrums, and anything that comes to mind about being her mom or about her life. I do the same for our second daughter, Onyx.

I don't put pressure on myself to write everyday, every month, or on special occasions. I figure that no matter how often I write, or how insignificant the entry might seem, our girls will appreciate every word of it when they read it. I plan to give these journals to them as gifts one day when they're adults.