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I started running outdoors shortly after graduating from college. I run to relax my mind and stay in shape. I keep a very comfortable, steady pace so that I can breathe easily and think about anything and everything—except, running.

I used to run solo, and I loved it. Then I met my husband and we ran together all the time. After we had children, I ran while pushing our kids in a stroller along side other moms with strollers — and loved that too. Now, I run with a cool group of friends who have all retired our strollers, yet still curse the hills in our neighborhood.

In 2014, Scott and I ran four half-marathons together and then finished out the year with a full marathon. I joined a relay team with my sisters so we could conquer the 26.2 miles together while Scott was able to finish his first full marathon solo — crushing his time goal.

Scott and I took a break from fun runs this year, but will start up again soon. There's something officially fun about pinning a number on myself that fun runs motivate me to push a little past comfortable.

Running has been a part of my daily routine with my daughters ever since they were born. My hope is that our daughters will grow to adopt consistent physical activity as part of their healthy lifestyles because they see how Scott and I integrate running and working out so seemlessly into ours.