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I have portion-control issues. When I cook, I cannot cook for just one or even two! I like to cook for an army. I like my family, friends, and guests to have as much as their stomachs can hold and then have lots of those goodies to take home.

I like to cook and bake equally. Most people tend to lean towards one or the other. I like doing both. I like cooking because I can glance at a recipe and improvise with the flavors I love. I personzlie recipes often because I don't eat meat and I have specific flavors I like to incorporate into my food. After 20 years of vegetarian living, I might be ready to eat meat again. Stay tuned ...

I enjoy baking because when I follow a recipe, I don't have to think much about it and it comes out exactly the way it should. Because the ingredients are carefully measured and the directions are thoughtfully written, I can replicate delicious treats easily.

When it comes to eating, I will go for dessert before the main course almost everytime. I like to eat my desserts WITH my meal rather than AFTER.