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I've been creating marketing materials for clients for years. And on occasion, I will create a personalized bag or shirt for a friend or family member. I realize that branding and personalizing things like phone cases, beach chairs, or cupcake toppers is more affordable than ever before. With sites like Pinterest, people are more inspiried to create for themselves, but don't necessarily have the skills to do so. That's where I can help.

When my new Etsy shop opens, I will be offering my 20+ years of graphic design experience to personalize, design, and produce various items from tote bags, greeting cards, and t-shirts, to canvas art, posters, and wall decals. If you have a name, a statement, or even a photo you want printed, you will enjoy the inspirations at my Etsy shop to get you brainstorming.

Contact me to find out when our store opens.