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I know. I know! Some designers can be difficult to work with. We use weird phrases like “white space” and our EOD ETA is sometime before midnight — not before 5pm like the rest of the world. But, there is a way to get what you want from a designer, even when you don't know what that is.

When George K. Baum needed a new brochure I worked closely with their team to produce a compelling piece of literature that effectively communicated their message. When the project was completed, GKB had a brochure that was eloquently written, visually moving, and exceeded their expectations.

GKB actively participated in the success of this project. There are portions of a design project that you cannot control, but the elements you affect, greatly influence its success. GKB communicated the details, asked a lot of questions, and answered just as many. The open back and forth we had with them shaped this brochure into a gorgeous, memorable eight-page brochure.

GKB has a beautifully established brand that we are privileged to work within and expand upon. Their marketing team guided us gracefully through the project goals that we in turn were able to harmoniously create a brochure I am proud of.

Throughout the process, GKB communicated often, gave thoughtful and comprehensive answers to our questions, and were responsive during every review of the design. GKB knew exactly how to get what they wanted and they did.