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It takes courage, intelligence, and creativity to change careers after slam-dunking it for 12 years in one industry. And that is exactly what Beverly and Amara did when they started Spot On Ideas.

Spot On Ideas allows Beverly and Amara the opportunity to address every day life challenges with what they do best creating efficiency through simple systems. Beverly and Amara's work has always focused their attention and skill on researching topics and providing large organizations and programs with systems to help improve results and efficiency. When it comes to their personal lives, Beverly and Amara are relentless in thoroughly researching a topic, interviewing experts, and distilling complex concepts into simple and easy to apply solutions.

Their company philosophy was my exact focus when I created the logo and website design for Spot On Ideas. When I thought about a symbol that would represent order, balance, fun, and energy, I came up with a pinwheel. Using the pinwheel in a trio of varying sizes created movement, perspective, and diversity. Three personality traits that Beverly and Amara have within themselves and put into their company.

Working with Spot On Ideas helped me realize that life takes some pretty fun twists and turns. And although I value, thrive within, and crave routine, my eyes are opening wider to the adventures that change brings.