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I worked with the writers, researchers, and copy editors at the California Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) to transform their important data into digestible information for resource managers, decision makers, and the public.

Creating a trust-worthy design was the primary focus. It was important to the client that the design create an environment where readers could digest information easily and know the data was collected and processed by experts in their fields.

SWAMP reports and presentations are full charts, graphs, and photos that help break up the copy. No matter how interesting or exciting the words are to a reader, it's essential to let their minds rest and process chunks of information for better retention. As a designer, it's my job to create these visual breaks using highlighted typography treatment, photos, charts, graphs, and other supplemental data presented to reiterate what the text says.

There were parts of the various reports that were relevant to me as a California resident, as well as relevant to me as the designer. I learned a lot during the design of each report and was privileged to be a part of distributing the findings of hard-working scientists dedicated to maintaining and improving all waters throughout California.