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I absolutely love designing for print. I love the feel, the smell, the emotion a freshly printed brochure or postcard can evoke when in your hands. Mobile marketing, social media, and everything 'e' or 'i' related has had a remarkable impact on how companies promote themselves, their products, and their services.

Even with the success of fast-paced, viral marketing, there are still vast opportunities to slow your audience down, and allow them to experience a more tactile medium they can connect with in the physical world that will create a longer, more lasting impression.

During open enrollment season, John Muir Health always provided an annual update to its members and potential members in the most reader-friendly brochure. Healthcare can be a wealth of information and create a paralyzing feeling. Therefore, John Muir Healthcare understood that having a brand standard in place that encouraged simplicity in its graphics and copywriting was the most successful path their marketing team could take.

It was my pleasure to work with Towers Watson, Graphic Focus, and John Muir Healthcare to create this updated enrollment guide. It is a 6-page tri-fold brochure that highlighted the changes that members needed to know about open enrollment.

Working within an established brand is a wonderful way for me to challenge my creativity and create newness where other designers might rather settle with status quo. Designing a new look while respecting all of the brand standards is exciting for me and the client.