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NuVasive is the third largest medical device company in the global spine industry. Within their company, there are countless teams made up of marketing, sales, and engineering trailblazers that are focused on creating new and improving existing minimally invasive products and procedures to relieve people of debilitating spine, neck, and leg pain.

Since 2009, I have had the privilege to work with the open-minded and creative teams that manage several different NuVasive products. Each time I was asked to help brand a new product, I became part of a cohesive group of NuVasive professionals whose passion for their company and project was contagious.

Each product logo I designed was held to the highest brand standards regulated by NuVasive's Marketing Communications department. Creating memorable and distinctly unique product logos that all seemlessly feel part of the same family, but convey various personality traits based on the product, was challenging and rewarding. I look forward to the next project I am asked to be a part of.