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The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge was turning 75 years old and the folks at Chevron decided they wanted to pay tribute to a photographer who risked his own life to capture the journey of the dedicated workers that built this bridge.

Ted Huggins worked in the marketing wing of Standard Oil of California, the forbearer of San Ramon-based Chevron. The amateur photographer volunteered to shoot the construction of the bridge because he knew that nobody had the budget to hire professional photographers to do it.

In collaboration with Edelman, Chevron, and Graphic Focus, we were able to bring this man’s body of work back to the headlines and honor him 75 years later for his breath-taking perspectives and emotional journey through his photographs and journal entries.

My goal was to create a design that would allow Huggins’s work to shine without distraction. I kept the design minimal and his photographs the center of attention. It was an edcational project I was happy to be a part of since I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area.