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Capitol Public Affairs asked me to help them create a logo for their client, CARE — California Artificial Reef Enhancement Program. Through public education and scientific research, CARE promotes awareness and understanding of the potential value to be derived from artificial reef ecosystems in offshore California, and further supports their preservaction and enhancement when recognized as being beneficial to the marine environment.

In collaboration with the brilliant minds at Capitol Public Affairs and the thought-provoking people at CARE, I designed a logo that represented the environment and marine life that this organization was created to protect.

Our goal was to design a logo that was friendly, memorable, and professional. I carefully chose a font that allowed me to create fish and waves in its white space so that the logo elements were integrated, connected, and flowed seemlessly together.

I am not only proud of this logo, but I’m also a huge fan of this organization and all that they strive to do for marine life and their habitat.