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Wait a second. You're telling me that I get to contribute to a marekting solution for a cause that includes one of the cutest and endangered animals on this planet. Ugh, sign me up!

That's what I thought when Capital Public Affairs reached out to me to help them add the ever-so-important DONATE section of The Bonobo Project website.

The website was live and the design was complete. To most designers, this would have presented itself as a boring opportunity to “just” do some production work. But I saw it differently.

I was happy to help expand the existing design with a new homepage feature section, a new lower level page, and payment collection solution for a great group of people dedicated to saving a wonderful community of apes.

With a library of emotional photographs, calming color palette, and minimalist web design, I was in a wonderful position to supplement their website with designs that appeal to my own personal aesthetics, and also help people contribute in a user-friendly atmosphere.

Starting from a blank canvas is fun. But given a half-painted canvas to start-from is also fun! I'm ready to sign up for “production” projects anytime.