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Komodo Designs

Komodo Designs is a graphic design company that engages with people, companies, non-profit organizations, friends, and family members to bring art and function together. By using photography, typography, color, grid, and space we turn your message and information into engaging and memorable communication.

For your home, business, and virtual life, we design logos, brochures, information graphics, websites, ads, signage, and other marketing collateral.

Komodo Designs is a team of brilliant minds from unexpected resources. My name is Doralynn Co and my goal is to bring this company’s full potential to life. The developers, printers, and idea generators have all been rock-starring in this industry for several decades. Yeah, we're old. Komodo Design solutions are created and executed by professionals in the marketing field, professionals in unrelated fields, friends, family, and of coruse strangers that eventually become part of the team. Group think is so much more fun and successful than a solo adventure so Komodo Designs is far from a solo venture.

Find out more about us by browsing the personal and business features of our site.

If you think your home or business needs a unique and interesting graphic face-lift, drop us a note and we'll be happy to help!